About Alan Powdermaker

Journeys with Max author Alan Powdermaker grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He attended Johns Hopkins University where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Management. Following corporate management level assignments in New York, Germany and Dallas, he founded The Circle R Ranch, Inc., a convention, conference and corporate recreation facility near Dallas.


Powdermaker co-founded the Dallas Inner-City Foundation, Love for Kids, Inc. and founded the Powdermaker Foundation, on which he now serves as executive director. He was a Dallas recipient of the national "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award as well as the Distinguished Alumni Heritage Award from Johns Hopkins University.


A contributor to small business financial health services, Powdermaker is an accomplished speaker and recipient of numerous awards and presentations. His guiding passion is to encourage all state secondary schools in the United States to mandate financial literacy courses as a requirement for graduation. The author currently resides in Georgetown, TX.

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"We must be the change we want to see in the world." –Ghandi

“I have known Alan for years and his commitment to our youth has always been unwavering. Financial literacy is a foundational skill that is necessary for our young people to succeed in our economy. 'Journeys with Max' is a great way to introduce those important concepts to our children.”

—Texas Senator Jane Nelson

“After having the opportunity to read 'Journeys with Max: Life Skills for Young People Understanding Money' by Alan Powdermaker, I had two immediate thoughts: This book should be on the shelf and curriculum of every K–5 classroom in the U.S. Every parent needs to have a copy at home and start reading it to their children and practicing its message at a very early age.”

— Rodger Bennett, Retired VP of Instruction and Executive Dean, Brookhaven College

“An active learning experience about money, life skills and focusing on family/community support. This entertaining book provides the basic habits young people need to learn to build a foundation for their future spending, saving and giving habits. Looking forward to seeing what other money life skills Max and his family learn from future books in this series.”

—Dr. Beverly Kraska, Ph.D., Education

“This book is GREAT! And I mean it to the extreme. I just hope that the marketing plan is a great one so that every child gets the chance to listen to/read this book. And all parents. I see it as a great gift for every occasion.”

—Lois Higgins, Entrepreneur

"'Journeys with Max' is an enjoyable read and easy for families to follow. Education isn’t just in our schools; it begins at home at a very young age. From the business perspective, we need to work with our youth about financial literacy at the youngest ages. We need to start entrepreneurship early in life-not when they get out of college! 'Journeys with Max' allows parents to have a tool to easily work with. It gives children space to create financially and to dream.”

—Mary Jo Coulehan, Executive Director, Pagosa Springs Area Chamber of Commerce

“'Journeys with Max' is a charming and informative financial literacy guide for young people that is highly recommended for school, public libraries and the general public."

—Betty Church, Public Reference and University Librarian (Retired)