About the 'Journeys With Max' Series

One of the primary goal​s of every parent, grandparent, teacher, guardian or community activist ​must consider is to initiate and present life skills concepts to children. These ​concepts will help young people succeed ​financially instead of following the bad habits ​and the accumulation of debt that seem​s to dominate ​the financial lives of so many of our families.

Over 60 percent of Americans have no financial reserves, no emergency funds and inadequate retirement goals.

Parents talk more easily about sex to their kids than about money.

America ranks seventh of 15 countries in financial literacy—behind China and Australia.

Only 24 percent of millennials 18 to 34 could answer four out of five financial literacy questions.

Journeys with Max Cover vol 2 Book Cover
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Volume 2

AGE RANGE: 10-13 years old

Journeys with Max Cover vol 3 Book Cover
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Volume 3

AGE RANGE: 14-18 years old